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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

BINC 2018 - Latest preparation and coaching

Dear BINC 2018 Aspirants,

Please find below (and Share if you have soft copy of), Following BINC 2018 Bioinformatics Reference Books=
BINC 2018 Internal Weightage=> Bioinformatics (40%), Biology (20%), Physics+ Chemistry (20%), Math & Stat (10%) & IT (10%).

David W Mount, Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis, 2nd Edition, cold Spring Harbor Press

Durbin et al (2007) Biological Sequence Analysis: Probabilistic models of protein and Nucleic acids Cambridge University Press.

Stuart M.Brown (2013) Next-generation DNA sequencing Informatics. Cold Spring Harbor Press

M.E.J. Newman (2010) Networks: An Introduction, Oxford University Press.

Thomas E. Creighton, Proteins: structures and molecular properties

Chemoinformatics Edited by Johann Gasteiger and Thomas Engel

Structural Bioinformatics, Edited Philip E. Bourne and Helge Weissig
Lee A Segel (2008), Biological Kinetics, Cambridge University Press

Cornish-Bowden (2012), Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics ,Wiley-Blackwell

Alberghina L (2005), System Biology : Definitions and Perspectives, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Najaviark , System Biology and Bioinformatics A Computational Approach, CRC Press

Klipp E Wolfran L(2009), System Biology : A Text Book, Wiley-VH Verlag Gmbh & Co, Wiley-Blackwell

Integrative approaches for finding modular structure in biological networks, NATURE REVIEWS, GENETICS, VOLUME 14, OCTOBER 2013

BIOINFORMATICS, Vol. 19 no. 2, 2003

Nucleic Acids Research (2014), Vol. 42, Database issue D199–D205 doi:10.1093/nar/gkt1076

Nucleic Acids Research (2012), Vol. 40, Database issue D109–D114 doi:10.1093/nar/gkr988

An extended bioreaction database that significantly improves reconstruction and analysis of genome-scalemetabolic networks (2011), Integr. Biol., 2011.3, 1071-1086

Computational Systems Bioinformatics — Methods and Biomedical Applications By Xiaobo Zhou (Harvard Medical School and Brigham & Women's Hospital, USA), Stephen T C Wong (Harvard Medical
School and Brigham & Women's Hospital, USA).

Bioinformatics for Systems Biology (2009) by Stephen Krawetz, Published by Humana Press

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