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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Lead DevOps Engineer | Chennai

Position : Lead DevOPs Engineer 
Job Details : 
The must haves:
·         Extensive coding, configuration and system architecture skills in Microservices, MVC.Net, .Net Core, Containerization experience in Docker is mandatory
·         Extensive coding in C#, MVC.Net, ASP.Net, .Net Core, Microservices Architecture, Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes
·         API integration programming to enable the CI/CD, Containerize and Orchestration activities.
·         Experience or Exposure to Angular JS, React.JS, Python, Java, Node.JS, HTML, CSS, REST API and other full stack components 
·         Experience in security libraries using OAuth2 and Json tokens.
·         MV-* style client frameworks
·         Mobile development Android/iOS
·         Mobile web development challenges
·         Knowledge about Amazon EC2 / Azure Cloud.
·         Experience or exposure in handling NGNIX, Apache and Apache Tomcat Servers.
·         Experience with build utilities e.g. such as ANT, Maven, Gradle added advantage.
·         Experience with e.g. Mercurial, GitHub, JFrog.
·         Integration programming with standard automation packages

Preferable but Optional
·         Programming for log management, event management, store SaaS events into the MongoDB database for AI, Machine Learning data mining to provide predictive IT Operations services.
·         Assist the programmers with UI coding, Unit testing, how to integrate the backend run time components, what technology stack should be used etc. with instructions.
·         Extensive configuration tasks with GitHub, JFrog, Nexus etc.
·         Conduct code reviews.
·         Create build, configuration and run books
·         Java (or other JVM languages)
·         Linux/Unix
·         SQL
·         HTML5 and earlier versions
·         CSS3 and earlier versions
·         Understanding of internet and web technologies such as HTTP, CDNs, DNS
·         Experience with cross-browser issues and knowledge of techniques for avoiding them
·         Experience working with JS libraries, widgets, frameworks and best practice
Be able to Implement best practices, including:
·         Performance, responsiveness and scalability
·         Security, data protection, and encryption at rest
·         Authentication (Google's OAuth 2.0 for Login (OpenID Connect) service)
·         Practicing test driven development (TDD) or behavior driven development (BDD)
·         Software Engineering Practices, SDLC methodologies
The person:
·         Sociable – happy do assist / teach your team via pair programming  
·         Flexible – able to adapt and align work to changing requirements and priorities
·         A team player – able to take shared ownership of code
·         Passionate – interested in the latest web technologies and trends
·         Confident – able to clearly express your ideas in discussions
·         Fluent when talking with non-technical people, discussing ideas, doing, be keen to develop your skills in all areas of product development and be willing to travel abroad.
Education & Qualifications:
·  Degree or equivalent preferred but not essential (University of Life also counts)

The WOW factor! 
We’d love it if you: 
·  Have a real enthusiasm for constantly improving both software and software development processes
·  Know upcoming features in ECMAScript 6
·  Are familiar with:
·  Modern web deployment tools – e.g. babel, webpack, gulp, grunt
·  JavaScript package management tools – e.g. npm, bower
·  Modular JavaScript patterns & tools – e.g. CommonJS, UMD, AMD
·  JavaScript frameworks – e.g. react, redux, angular
·  JavaScript testing frameworks & tools – e.g. jasmine, mocha, karma
·  Understand ad-serving and ad technologies
·  Have experience building or testing sites or mobile apps with various technologies e.g. HTML5
·  Have experience setting up / maintaining servers
Other details: 
You must be interested in helping the business gain value from the team’s products and ensuring that the systems are operating correctly. You must also be keen on using a Lean approach to new software development, with frequent releases and a focus on releasing minimal viable products into market as early as possible to increase feedback. 
Reports To: Head of, Product Development 
Location: Chennai

Salary: Highly Competitive with advancement pathway to Senior Management

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