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Friday, March 31, 2017

Biostatistician @bangalore


Location: Bangalore (relocation assistance available)

Job Description

Job responsibilities include but not restricted to

  • Support all genomics research projects with statistical analysis and develop statistical pipelines for the analysis of genomics data
  • Work closely with the company scientific team to decide on appropriate study design and data analysis plans
  • Analyze large scale genomics data and develop statistical testing methods to support valid interpretation and inferences
  • Interact with clients to address any questions related to the use of statistical methods in a project
  • Regularly present data for scientific review and participate in writing papers and other technical documents
  • Participate in scientific meetings and conferences and represent company’s research efforts in the scientific community
Desired experience and expertise:
  • BS/MS/PhD/PostDoc in Statistics/Applied Statistics/Biostatistics
  • Knowledge of multivariate analysis with missing data, including dimensionality reduction, classification, and regression
  • Strength in software development with R and preferably one (or more) of C++, Perl and Python. Applicants should be able to equip each software project with a clear interface and a description so that other people can easily use it
  • Ability to convey statistical concerns, and to describe the capabilities/limitations of statistical methods, to an audience with training in biology or computer science
  • Ability to explain, critique, implement, and modify methods from bioinformatics papers
  • Knowledge of gene association studies, population genetics, or population genomics
  • Experience with common bioinformatics tools is a plus
  • Knowledge of nonparametric techniques and time-series techniques (often used with genomic position in place of time) is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of biology and next generation of sequencing technology is a plus
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organizational skills and ability to multi-task and solve problems
  • 1-2 years of Industry/Research experience preferred
You will also be expected to have:
  • Excellent communication, written and presentation skills
  • "Roll-up-your-sleeves" entrepreneurial, start-up attitude
  • The ability to work across teams and functions effectively
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